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Going Green

3D Auto Body & Collision Centers instituted company-wide Green Initiatives in 2010.

The following are some of the business practices we have implemented to reduce our carbon footprint.


  • All 3D paint waste is recycled. Automotive paints are very expensive so we instituted several programs to minimize paint waste. With the minimal waste still generated, we extract the solids and reuse the thinner, leaving only environmentally safe solid waste.
  • We have introduced extensive recycling programs that include the following waste streams: plastic bumpers, aluminum, steel, AC refrigerant, coolant, and tires.
  • All internal files are now stored electronically, cutting down on our company-wide paper use and related storage costs.
  • Our efforts to reduce energy use include purchasing energy efficient equipment, turning the heat down in the winter time, and replacing bulbs with energy efficient LED and fluorescent bulbs.
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