I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! After my accident in November my car was brought to the West Chester location where they deemed it a total loss. Calie was so gracious and walked me through the whole process, and even calmed me down when I broke down because of everything that had happened at the accident. She took care of everything, and her and Phil even referred me to a car salesman to pick out a new car. The car buying process was a breeze, unfortunately I only had it 34 days before I was rear ended. Because of the great experience I had at the West Chester location, I didn’t even think twice about bringing it back there to have the work done. My car was with them for less than a week and came back more than perfect, they even washed my car for me! Calie had my car sent to Haverford so they could begin the work sooner, and Anthony called me at every step along the way to let me know what was going on, he was more than helpful. Thank you so much for everything you do and everything your company stands for!

Tom W

I just had my Honda CRV repaired at your Haverford location and I wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased with the work performed. Also to let you know, I dealt with Adam Marta and he went above and beyond in making the experience of having my car repaired after a accident as easy as possible. If anyone ever asks me where to get body work done on their car you can be sure I will highly recommend your shop.


I think you and I met a few years ago when you were running the Haverford office. Adam is now in charge, and I have brought my cars to him at least twice now. I must commend him for his professional expertise and for his exceptional interpersonal skills. He and I had several very constructive conversations, and I am more than satisfied with the results. I expect that he will be recognized for his performance and that he will rise in the organization in the coming years. What may be most impressive is that another one of your staff gave me an estimate of $504 when I brought the car in on Saturday and scheduled a Thursday repair appointment. When I arrived on Thursday morning, Adam looked at the car and apologized that the damage was much greater than the other staffer had determined. Adam then gave me full details of the damage, the work that needed to be done, and the options for keeping the price within bounds. Even though I had to pay $1,024 (more than double), Adam educated me so well that I am convinced that I received full value and excellent service, not to mention delivery at the promised time (which was pretty tight). I continued to recommend 3D to anyone who needs a body shop. You have figured out how to run a welcoming and fair-minded enterprise, and I wish you increasing success.

Ed D

I am a Liberty Mutual Insurance customer and I recently filed a claim for an auto accident. I was referred to 3D Collision Center in Haverford, PA for the estimate and repair. I just wanted to check in with you to let you know that the guys at 3D were fantastic. In particular, Adam Marta was friendly, sociable, and very attentive to my situation despite the shop being very busy. Though I went in to have them fix up a minor fender-bender, I still felt like a priority to them. Adam explained the specifics of how the shop would determine its estimate as well as the process for repairing/replacing damaged parts. He called me periodically to provide me with updates on the estimate and let me know when my car was available for pickup. On the day I returned to get my car, Adam remembered me by name, welcomed me back, and showed me the repairs. He recapped what the shop did to the car and asked me whether I was comfortable with the quality of the repairs (I’m extremely satisfied) and invited me to call him at the shop if I had any question/concerns after-the-fact. To top it all of, my car was sparkling-clean, and the interior was never as tidy since the day I bought it.

I hope that Liberty continues to recommend 3D Collision Center in Haverford for estimates/repairs. I thank 3D and Liberty for making the process far easier than I thought it could be.


Sorry this is late in getting to you Dave and I want to thank you all for fixing our car we really appreciate everything especially in helping us with the part and car.

Sue M

Thank you so very much for your exceptional service and the outstanding work you did on my car. I can’t remember having such a positive experience with a service organization.

My car is beautiful and it looks like new! I was also stunned when I realized that you had cleaned not only the exterior, but also the interior.

You have very hard jobs, and I appreciate your positive professional, customer-cautious attitudes.

Carol G

This is the second time you have done repairs on my vehicles in the last year.
The first was on my 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. I was so impressed with the service and outcome that when I was involved in an accident with my 2011 Jeep Cherokee I specifically chose your establishment to do the repairs.
Once again I am ecstatic with the outcome and quality of the work performed.
You can be sure that all future needed car repairs will be done at your establishment although I hope the need will never arise again.
Thank you for your excellent customer service, commitment, great communication, kindness, and efficiency.
I hope you have a prosperous and wonderful 2014. It has been a great pleasure doing business with you.