What Can Happen If You Don’t Use The DRP Body Shop Your Insurance Recommends?

Statistically, it has been a while since you were in a car accident. Seven years, in fact, is what the insurance company averages are. So if that describes you, then a lot has changed since you had your last auto body repair. 

One thing that has changed drastically is the cost to fix cars versus the same cost to perform the same repairs just a few years ago. With all the technology in modern cars, the sensors, cameras, and radar, drive the cost of even a simple bumper job into the several thousand dollars territory.

Car insurance repair estimate

We all want this car accident mess to go away pretty quickly and painlessly. The insurance companies have contracted with shops like us here at 3D Collision, which are direct repair shops for the insurance companies. What this means is that we are approved by your insurance company to perform the repairs, and we have agreements in place that make things happen quickly for the customer. It also means that we fully warranty the repairs we make for the life of the vehicle as long as you own it.

It is every auto body shop’s legal responsibility to fix all cars safely and accurately, but that is not always the case with some auto body repair shops. Good repair and bad repair looks exactly the same from the outside as long as the metal looks straight and shiny. But what lurks under the pain could be poor quality, unsafe, and even fraudulent if the shop was paid to perform a procedure but didn’t perform it.

repair estimate

Depending on the insurance company, this could be the first delay. Some auto body shops are not very friendly to insurance adjusters, and as a result, they take their time visiting some shops. When the adjuster does come to review the supplement request, they can deny the supplement stating they don’t feel those extra damages, parts, or whatever are necessary to fix the vehicle. Or the labor is too high, or the rates are higher than theirs.

This is a predicament for you because now your car is torn down, it needs repairs, and your insurance company refuses to pay them. Well, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can have the vehicle towed out of that shop and to a direct repair facility like ours here at 3D Collision. But fair warning, you will have to pay the teardown fees, and possibly some storage fees to the shop that has your car now.
  2. The body shop can try and fight with the insurance company on your behalf to get the repairs covered.
  3. The body shop can fix the car properly and eat the difference. This is an unlikely scenario, though.
  4. The body shop can call you, explain the situation, and let you know you will be responsible for the additional costs
  5. Call you and let you know that they are unable to repair your vehicle because the insurance company is refusing to fix it properly, and it needs to be towed to a different facility.

Car part being worked on

Typically you will not run into this scenario if you stick with the Direct Repair facility that your insurance company recommends. It is in our best interest to work with them to fix cars as quickly as possible while delivering a quality repair and a stress-free experience for you.

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